The role of signal boosters in small cell networks

Cellular signal boosters have often been viewed as consumer product nuisances that can cause major interference to mobile operators’ networks. However, operators have sometimes made use of “industrial” signal boosters: rural operators have used them to enhance their coverage in areas with few towers, and they have been used in conjunction with distributed antenna systems. This piece looks at the role of Smart Signal Boosters in filling mobile coverage gaps.

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Enterprise search on the path to Google experience

Enterprise search is changing its modus operandi – and in some circles, even its name. In fact, the transformation is significant enough for Gartner to have considered coining a new term. Our clients at Coveo are featured in this report on intelligent search.

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The Importance of Insuring Shipments

Companies that specialize in cargo shipping insurance want to help their customers with security precautions and transportation best practices. Our clients at Schenker Logistics weigh in on this topic.

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Thought Leaders in Cloud Computing

Sramana Mitra interviews Louis Tetu, CEO of Coveo, a leader in intelligent search. Tetu explains thet the company focuses on four areas, with the top priority being customer service.

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Carriers Taking an Inside Look at LTE coverage

The topic of indoor LTE coverage is becoming an even more pressing concern as LTE deployment evolves and mobile usage continues on a growth path to surpass desktops and landlines as the business (and personal) tool of choice. Our clients at Nextivity address this important topic.

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Coveo Launches Self-Learning Search for the Enterprise

Coveo, an enterprise search provider headquartered in Quebec City, Canada, rolled out a cloud-based search product based on machine learning technology. It builds on Coveo’s strong credentials in this space, namely its advances in indexing across multiple, disparate sources of information and its insights about user behavior and analytics.

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How Do Signal Boosters Fit Into The HetNet Ecosystem?

Bringing cellular connectivity inside is a challenge. Solutions range from small cells to Wi-Fi to distributed antenna systems (DAS). But how do signal boosters fit into the hetnet equation? Nextivity  Cel-Fi portfolio of smart signal boosters, as well as how signal boosters can significantly reduce operational expense associated with in-building wireless deployments.

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