Supporting the needs of emerging and global multi-national companies

At Boulevard PR, we have extensive expertise working with global multi-national corporations, Fortune 500 businesses and mid-market companies. We help to guide their communications and digital marketing strategies, sustain and increase awareness, and ensure local campaigns are aligned with global mandates.
Thanks to our experience working with startups, plus our close collaboration with leaders in venture capital, we are uniquely positioned to help emerging new companies make their mark on the world’s stage. We understand the culture and mindset of the startup world, acknowledge and work within their limited budgets, and adjust our strategies as quickly as they do to meet their business needs.

Our Clients

Our client base is comprised of discerning businesses in a variety of markets. We are known for our technology and mobile expertise, but our current and past client roster points to numerous successes working with marketing agencies, social networks, media companies, financial services organizations, supply chain and logistics leaders, and a variety of other businesses that require a strong PR partner to deliver results.
Below is a sampling of clients both past and present:
Bell Media
Bell Media
Bell Media
Bell Media
Berkeley Payment Solutions
Bell Media
Brightspark Ventures
Brightspark Ventures
Cel Fi
Brightspark Ventures
DST Output
Greensoil Investments
Hitachi Data Systems
Mantella Venture Partners
Mantella Venture Partners
Platform Computing
Redline Communications
Relay Ventures
UBM TechWeb
Whitecap Venture Partners
Wine Align
”Boulevard is a PR firm with a highly savvy, dedicated team. They immerse themselves fully in your industry domain, no matter what the company or subject matter. They have an amazing ability to understand your company’s needs, industry drivers and business models, so they can communicate your message to the world in a meaningful, effective way.’’

Steve Haney


“Collaborating with Jodi and her team is a pleasure. They have great instincts, are highly organized and are a natural extension of my services. I know the job will get done when put in their hands.”

Angell Kasparian 


“For more than a decade, Jodi and her team have been an integral part of the marketing organization at Farelogix. From communications strategy to social media and all things in between – we rely on their expertise, research and proactive approach to getting our message out effectively, creatively and always on a reasonable budget. They are so well versed in our business, technology and positioning, it is easy to forget we are not their only client!”

Sue Carter, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Farelogix


“I have had the pleasure of working with Jodi and her team several times over the years. No matter the task at hand, they were able to meet, always professional, resourceful, and full of creative ideas. I know that I can turn to them for anything from crafting a press release, delivering a messaging strategy, preparing editorial calendars or simply sharing ideas.”

Joanne Gore


“Jodi was introduced to me with glowing recommendations from friends and colleagues in the Toronto tech community and her work and actions held true to those claims. She is a strong writer and knows how to create stories that reporters want to cover and broadcast. I have found myself going back to her and her team for assistance on many occasions and would in turn recommend them to build awareness for a fellow technology company in a heartbeat.”

Josh Sookman, Founder, Guardly


“One of the big strengths of Jodi and her team is the strong relationships they have with the media and bloggers. Their ability to effectively deliver a startup’s pitches and stories are a major differentiator in a world in which there is plenty of competition battling for attention.”

Mark Evans, Mark Evans Consulting, Inc.


“As a marketing consultant I was always hard pressed to find a PR company that could deliver results, out of the gate, for my Technology clients. That all changed when I started working with Jodi and her team. They are true professionals, a force to be reckoned with, and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again.”

Sharon Miller


“The assistance of Jodi and her team in setting up a strategic PR plan proved to be one of the highest ROI tactics that we deployed for Magic Santa. Not only did they clearly identify key media influencers for moms and parents, but the tactical plan to host bloggers, journalists and reporters and provide scripts and documentation was pivotal in establishing both the national and international success of our Magic Santa web site. Because of the leadership and execution by Jodi and her team, Magic Santa results consistently exceeded the expectations of the senior management team and became one of most successful initiative ever executed by the portal team.”

Patrick Larouche, Bell Media